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A. The product consists of ALUZINK steel or ALUMINIUM, thus the product is totally FIREPROOFING (class 0) and completely NON-TOXIC. Its metallic nature and its designed shape gives RESISTANCE and at the same time greatly DUCTILITY better than other systems.
B. The extreme easy of the structure is the best guarantee of PERFECT SAFETY and SAVING COSTS, in fact:
b) The overall low weight provides an higher SAFETY AND RESISTANCE to the dynamic stress, excluding detachments also in abnormal or accident conditions.
c) The vertical support structure LIMITS THE IMPACT DAMAGE only to the sketched part, safeguarding the upper panels, it allows the drenage and it avoids THE STAGNATION.
d) The structure is perfectly able to support the weight of any signals.
e) The easy assembly allows to INSPECT the intrados status by panels placed in strategic points, on request
C. The choice of coating thickness allows distance of 4 cm minimum from concrete and attractive opportunities, such as:
a) MINIMUM SIZE whatever coating thickness.
b) PERFECT ALIGNMENT OF THE PANELS also if there are bumps or other fixed structures such as ducts, vertical conduits, etc.
c) Leave dreinage ducts pre-installed or install them later for few centimeters in the space between the wall and coating, SAVING on traditional ducts.
d) Additional security if for any reason UPPER DUCTS detached from ceiling.
D. The particular panel's shape with staves of 10 cm. besides robustness and stability ensures also:
a) A perfect BRIGHTNESS because there are no interruptions or vertical joint.
b) EASY WASH to restore the original brightness.
c) WATERPROOFING without leakages thanks to special panels joining.
d) UNIVERSAL USE in traditional tunnel as well as in rectangular subways, keeping anyway its features.
E. The particular finishing of the two panel's surfaces ensures:
a) UNATTACKABLE SURFACE by typical tunnel's weathering and limestone 
b) HIGH SELF-ILLUMINATING PROPERTIES due to the particular paint.
c) LIGHT IRRADIATION with the special reflective "PROPLALIGHT" film instead of paint to obtain a better illumination or saving installed light points.
G. Main difference compared to the competitors: if it is in involved in an accident, it doesn't detach from the wall because mounted horizontally.


Information about "LONGITUDINAL SYSTEM" - Features

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