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The panel is the main element of the anti-glare system LUXVIA. It consists in a
metal segment with continuous vertical slats having a thickness, in plan, of 10 mm.
This panel consists of a longitudinal sequence of elements of 90 cm. each, joined by a vertical and semicircular shape 
obtained at the two ends of the same element by profiling process; the shape fits perfectly to the panel forming an easily installable body and accidentally indivisible. The panel is composed by laminated ALUZINK (metal coated with alloy of 60% aluminum and 40% zinc 40%) or ALUMINIUM (5052 alloy) depending on the version.

The upper finishing profile is a special shaped profile, structured and dimensioned to give more stability and perfect alignment to the system.
It is installed to recovering any minor anomalies on safety barrier's upper allignment, it is made with the same materials of the panel and always covered with plastic film "PROPLALIGHT", high self-lighting power to show the route. 

The base profile is the support element of the whole system. It represents "the foot" of anti-glare barrier where BC900F panels are fixed and it is used to anchorage the whole system to the existing safety barriers. For this profile we studied two different and interchangeable shapes for "guard rails" or "new jersey" because different is the stress for each type of barrier. Both types of profiles are made by sendmizir galvanized steel, dip galvanized or stainless steel, thickness and size calculated in order of mechanical resistance, they are produced in series by profiling. They are provided with upper flaring for gasket to close the nip between the panel's staves.   

It exists only for guard-rails because for new-jersey the base profile and the whole system are directly fixed by galvanized and high resistance dowel.
Guard-rails require this fixing elements, consisting of plates and bolts that perfectly set the anti-glare system to the stakes of guard rails.
The fixing element is made by welded and hot galvanized by immersion steel (UNI standards).   

They are short stretches inserted inside top profile and base profile to ensure the continuity of the whole structure in those points where obviously top and base profiles are interrupted. Internal joint elements need add in any case in the upper. 

In the gap between panel and base profile is inserted a gasket, made with foamed plastic material with high resistance to aging and specific function to prevent deposit of dust and debris, seal up the base profile against rainwater and give it more resistance against vibrations. 


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