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SICURSYSTEM - Introduction

come from a careful examination of current problem of noise pollution presents in all areas and places
of daily life.

In particular, the components for this panel were studied with main purpose to improve
the sound proofing function of normal panels, and specially to create an universal panel that can
be installed in any place without disfigure the landscape, unchanging our construction method,
so at same efficiency keeping costs below than similar products on the market.

SICURSYSTEM keep the same unit rate of absorption but we have developed a
double version that at same height and length of barrier, ENSURES A LARGER RANGE OF ACTION THAN ANY OTHER

In fact, the Mod. "PARABOLICO" and "CONVERGENTE", by their nature, reduce the upper opening for the noise's source,
so the sound wave propagates upward with greater perpendicularity protecting a larger zone;
the concave shape provides to a higher panel's absorption capacity because the noise refraction against the no-drilled shell
is deflected by corrugated and inclined panel. The concave shape allows also the partial reabsorption of the minimum of sound wave that
despite the refraction in fact it is reabsorbed by the upper concave surface.


Information about SICURSYSTEM - Introduction

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