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LUXVIA - Advantages


  • an effectiveness and safety optical reference during night driving or otherwise in low visibility conditions.
  • a "watchful and careful" traveling friend that, thanks its short reflective strips, constantly informs you about visibility, suggests the optimal speed and the minimum distance from the lateral sides of the road.
  • a way to protect the road traffic by the sudden and very dangerous wind gusts.
  • a great way to avoid your windscreen is invested by rain water and dust raised by the vehicles coming in the opposite carriageway.
  • the most practical solution to protect houses near the road against the annoying glare and also in part by traffic noise.
  • the easiest and safest way to prevent that imprudent pedestrians cross the road bypassing the traffic barrier and endangering their own and other people's lives.
  • a great way to prevent reversals at by-pass of traffic barriers, in fact "LUXVIA" can be fixed to the road surface to prevent pirate reversal but it allows to the service and security personnel to use always the barrier by-pass by easy removal with a punch or a screwdriver.

Information about LUXVIA - Advantages

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