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LUXVIA - Introduction

LUXVIA is the only "fanfold" anti-glare system that guarantees in any condition maximum efficiency regardless of the angle of the light beam coming from opposite vehicles, also in case of fog its wake bright reduce the danger.

The anti-glare barrier LUXVIA  is easy to assemble and to maintenance with considerable advantages for road safety, specially in case of fog, night circulation or both of cases. 
A first order of drawbacks for the driver are the glare of headlights vehicles coming from opposite direction, because, unfortunately, traffic devices nothing can against them, except where LUXVIA systems are installed. In addition, all spaced and not continous facilities installed on the road sides cause noise due to gust against them.These drawbacks mean that the driver has to change constantly his trim and driving behavior with a considerable amount of mechanical, physical and psychological energies as well as the human eye, suddenly stricken by cars headlights, loses its functions in some cases for several seconds.

Information about LUXVIA - Introduction

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